Howdy (or My Moments in Blogging)

Welcome to my new blog + my first post.

This is a blog about me, you, the world, and any other random thing I may feel like talking about on any random day. It’s no new invention, but it’s new for me (outside the walls of social media). It’s something that I’ve been thinking about for a while now. So… here I am.

A bit of a backstory…

Outside of work, I’ve had 3 active blogs in my day – all based around ‘something’. Ultimately I would grow bored of that something and move on to the next thing.

Despite the potential embarrassment, let me take you on a walk down blogging lane… Beware, there are lots of broken links + possible bad judgement (like a really lame band) awaiting to appear.

Up first was a music blog which I called Acoustic Preludes. Looking back, I’m not sure where (or why) I came up with a very adult contemporary sounding name like that at 25 years old. Regardless of the lame name, the blog saw 24 posts over 2 years (2005-2007). I started it when I was living in Chicago and it ended during my time living in Newport Beach aka the OC.

Then about six months after my move back to Chicago came Random Chicago. It was a blog dedicated to a mix of alternative happenings across the city – many of which my friends and I participated in. We were late twenty-somethings that rarely slept and were always up for a good time. This blog (also known as ‘Random Acts of Chi-Ness’ – another gem of a name) lasted 14 months and saw a fairly impressive 33 posts (2008-2009).

After the demise of my Chicago blog, I moved to Australia. My boyfriend at the time (now husband) went to Adelaide for work and I went to Sydney. I was working at Universal Music and lived in the hub of inner-city suburban hipsterville. Australia was (as was the rest of the world) going through a huge DIY movement. About a year earlier, before leaving the US, I’d started a shop on Etsy where I was making jewelry and accessories out of old buttons. I kept this up as I moved to Sydney and started getting even more into making things, upcycling, etc… This is when Howdiy was born. Of all my blogs, I was the most invested in this one. Over 3.5 years + lots of small breaks, I’d posted 166 times. Most were tutorials on how to make something or a post featuring another person’s works (something I called O.P.P.s – not to be confused with Naughty By Nature’s ‘Other People’s Property’ – these were ‘Other People’s Projects’). Ultimately, I ran out of projects. Howdiy’s rise and fall spanned 2010-2013.

Since then I’ve toyed with other blogs, but nothing ever stuck. So, here I am on February 24, 2015 – and I’m giving it another go. This blog shouldn’t require a good attention span nor should it (knock on wood) have an expiration date. I’m hoping this is a place that can live on through the times, even if I take a long-winded break every now and again. Ideally I can someday look back at this blog as little snapshots of my life.

Here’s to the fourth time around!

*Please note, my first two blogs were on Blogger. During this time, I was also a Google employee – hence the decision of where to blog. While it was a beautiful time in my life, my blogs were not so pretty. Cheers to beautiful blogs.