A bit about me…

Dwelling in Australia (Adelaide via Sydney) via the U.S. motherland (a la The Windy City + a handful of other spots). I also spend a lot of time traveling.

Loving music, tech, interior design (especially industrial + vintage), DIY, Americana, weekend markets, road trips, making + drinking cocktails, good wine, Mexican food + other awesome people/things.

Working at Automattic (aka WordPress.com) – aka the makers of this fine blogging software. Previously Universal Music and Google.


I also have a little side project collecting + selling vintage goods online and at markets around town. It’s called That Gypsy Soul.

I used to actively DIY blog, but I’ve become a bit hopeless over the past couple of years. If you’d still like to check it out, visit howdiyblog.com.

This blog is my attempt to share things. Nothing specific, no curated theme – just a mismatch of topics, happenings, and thoughts are what you’ll find here. Snapshots of my life.

Thanks for visiting.

2 thoughts on “About

    1. Thanks B! Nothing revolutionary or super scheduled – just writing when I feel the urge to write/have something to say. And…likewise -aka- ditto on the “I’ve always enjoyed your writing”. 😉


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