Halloween past + present.

I love Halloween! I’m actually baffled to why anyone wouldn’t love it. Come on — the chance to dress up in a costume (getting smiles instead of strange looks) + the opportunity to eat lots of sweet treats without too much guilt… A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

*Me as Saturday Night Live’s ‘It’s Pat’ in 2007

In past years I have put together some pretty epic prize-winning costumes (shining moments: Peg Bundy in 2006 + It’s Pat in 2007). This year I took the easy way out costume-wise by just throwing together a few festive bits and pieces, but I aimed to up the ante in other areas (see below)…

Since Halloween is not a widely celebrated holiday in Australia, I’ve made it my mission to bring enthusiasm to the date October 31st — dressing up with fellow Americans and hitting the beaches of Bondi in 2010 (costume: Snooki) / hosting a full-on adult Halloween party with a haunted house entrance, a crock-pot full of chili, and bobbing for apples in 2011 (costume: Wilson from Home Improvement) / and in the years since… mixing up candy bags for trick or treaters (even though we’ve only had a total of five or so across the years).

I was pretty lucky to be home in the US for part of October this year. This meant lots of pumpkin treats + Halloween happenings everywhere you turn. My sister, her husband, and I decided (against our best judgement) to check out The 17th Door Haunted House in the OC (Tustin, CA) one night — 17 rooms, 2 minutes per room, you have to sign a waiver, there is a safe word, and “yes” they can touch you. I won’t spoil any of the fun, but if you like haunted houses and you are nearby, I highly recommend you check it out. It’s terrifying, but it’s a great story to be told.

*The entrance at The 17th Door

I got back to Adelaide just before the actual Halloween weekend. This year we took a bit of a different approach than in years past. We hosted an afternoon get-together for friends and their kids. I jazzed up our backyard with lots of spooky gear, put together some goodie bags for the kids, and dished up treats for the adults. We had a good turn-out with good efforts by all. While the shenanigans were over by 7pm and I was in my PJs a couple of hours later, it was a successful day with many festive memories made.

Fighting the good Halloween fight — one year at a time.

*While I forgot to snap photos of our little shindig in action, I grabbed the above just before the sun set on Halloween 2015.

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